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 Cape Town


Extraordinary Signsmiths since 2011

Welcome to Cape Town Signwriting, South Africa's leading bespoke signwriting and mural company.

With over 10 years of experience in the signage industry, we specialise in creating custom hand-painted signs, murals, and branding solutions for a variety of applications, from retail and hospitality to events and public spaces.

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"Always hand painted"

Our Services:

Cape Town Signwriting transforms spaces with the power of art and craftsmanship.

We offer a variety of hand-painted signage services any scale. 

Whether a menu board or multi-story building, we are committed doing high-quality work that is both durable and long-lasting. Let's make your vision come to life

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We celebrate the art of hand-painted signage. Using time-honoured techniques brought into the modern era, we harness state-of-the art technology and use quality materials. We paint original hand-painted signs at any size and just about any surface.

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We pride ourselves in doing on large and complex parking lot signage projects. Upholding only the highest quality standards and an excellent level of finish, we’ve completed parking lot signage for some of South Africa’s top listed and private property companies.

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We specialise in creating graphic murals to any specification. Make your space stand out with a custom design. Whether complex or simple, colourful or monochrome, we can paint anything at any size - from a bedroom wall to a multi-storey building.

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Directional signage is a key aspect of navigating people around buildings. We work with architects, construction companies and property developers in the realisation of hand painted directional signage in buildings for both the private a public sector.

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Have a logo that needs to go on a on a surface? Look no further! We can paint logos large and small on just about anything. We can your logo on a menu board, tiles, a roof, woodwork or even an entire apartment block or commercial building.

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‘Old school’ calligraphy and hand-rendered typography is one of our fortes - we have mastered a wide variety of styles and fonts. If you have a chalkboard, sandwich- or menu board that needs the special feel of hand-painted typography, you’ve come to the right place.





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